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Detective Sergeant Jack Weston (Damien Molony)


Jack’s easy charm belies his killer instinct. He’s confident enough to trust his gut, and can be a dog with a bone when it comes to some lines of inquiry. Jack has a healthy irreverence born out of years of experience, but he…

meaghanraths asked: Head canon: Hal teaches Alex how to ballroom dance in an attempt to help her with her unfinished business.


Oh my giddy god someone actually responded. Thank you!

I had a go at writing a thing.


“One, two – Alex, look at me – two, three – ”

“I keep forgetting where my feet are.” She muttered, stepping back and breaking the rhythm. Hal dropped his hands immediately and sighed.

“They’ll go where you tell them to.”

“But how do I know where to tell them to go if I don’t know where they’re starting from?” She complained, staring at her boots with a deep rooted hatred. “I feel like an elephant.”

“Nonsense.” Hal said quickly. She wasn’t the lightest of dancers, but she was trying. And he wouldn’t let her be demeaning towards herself. “Come on, let’s try again.” He held his arms out for her and smiled encouragingly. She wasn’t that bad. Not really.

She hadn’t trodden on him too many times.

Alex stepped closer and put her hand on his back again, her face incredibly close to his. Hal took a deep breath and put his on her waist, taking her free hand in his.

“One, two, three, and – ” They tried again, stepping backwards and sideways and around and around. She’d really got the hang of it this time when something made her stumble and she crashed into Hal like a falling bookshelf.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” She gasped, trying to right herself and leaping backwards.

Hal was completely nonchalant.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said, putting his hand back on her waist. She was incredibly soft and it was easy to imagine that a good gust of wind would blow her over. He was gentle with her and held her hand like it was a rose head; delicately and with respect.

“But I squashed you.” She laughed, sounding very sheepish. Hal just shrugged, staring at her.

“I don’t mind, honestly. You were doing very well.”

“Really?” She asked sceptically, hand back on his back. He nodded and she smiled and they were staring at each other and before he knew it he’d stopped breathing.

A few minutes later, Alex looked away.

“Again?” Hal asked, enjoying this time together. Originally, learning to dance had been a very serious task – a possible ‘unfinished business’ that could have been the key to Alex’s door. But, three hours into the training session, there was no sign of any door. Not that she could be called a professional dancer yet, but Hal seriously doubted this was the reason she was stuck on Earth. He didn’t mind, though.

It was nice being this close to her.

“Okay. I won’t squash you this time.” She promised, taking his hand again with a smile. “One, two – ”

“No, it’s strange if you count.” He frowned, making her laugh. “Let’s try again. One, two, three – ”

“Hal, we’re gonna be late – ”

Tom paused mid-sentence, staring at Hal and Alex. He tried to understand what was happening but, being so unused to seeing Hal touching anyone, quickly gave up trying. “I’ll wait outside.” He said, turning and running out the door.

Hal looked back at Alex and, after a moment’s deliberation, brought her hand to his lips and kissed it before leaving.

She stared after them, feeling dizzy.


Hi here’s a thing feel free to read I tried okay it’s not fabulous but neither am I so hey what do you expect

have fun if you’re reading

if you aren’t; have fun anyway!

“Hal, for God’s sake, shut up.”

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